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Your Uber Helicopter Arrived: Company Plans to Offer Flights in July

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Your Uber Helicopter Arrived: Company Plans to Offer Flights in July

uber air taxi
Uber helicopter
just fly – don’t drive.
Source: Uber

Its desire to get out of helicopter congestion is an order, at least for Uber. The company said it will start offering the service, called Uber Copter, in New York from July.

Uber First Flight

The first flight of Uber helicopter NYC is scheduled to take place on 9 July. The route is between John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York City) and a heliport in Lower Manhattan. The Uber helicopter price will vary between 200 and 250 dollars.

By four-wheeler, the trip goes through lots of most crowded roads. During office hour, the Uber car ride can need over three hours to reach a destination. Mass transportation by subway or rail can need over an hour to reach. But, now the new Uber helicopter service will solve travel time problem.

But, it’s not everyone who can take Uber helicopter New York tour. The service will be available to members of Uber Rewards (the company’s loyalty program) with Platinum or Diamond status.

To get to the status required to ride a helicopter, you must have used Uber’s services a lot. For every dollar in any service of the company, you can get a number of points. When you have 2,500 points then you have the chance to call a Uber Copter. This is if you are willing to pay the amount charged.

The intention is to decrease travel time, which can go from two hours to just a few minutes. The route, by land, is one that has the highest traffic. Uber Copter seats up to 5 passengers.

Over time, Uber intends to implement the service in other locations. However, it will not arrive in other countries so fast. It is offered in partnership with Voom, an air taxi platform.

So far, it is only available in the city of São Paulo, during business hours and on a restricted schedule on weekends. You cannot pick up it after the night roll, for example.

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