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Now you can share WhatsApp Status on Facebook and Instagram

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Now you can share WhatsApp Status on Facebook and Instagram

WhatsApp Status on Face-book and Instagram

The WhatsApp is testing a feature to share WhatsApp status on Facebook, Instagram and Gmail.

WhatsApp Status on Facebook and Instagram
Source: faq.whatsapp.com

WhatsApp is testing now an idea of allowing its users to share posts of their status with other applications. During this test, Beta users are able to share photos, text and videos directly in other applications.

Starting this Wednesday (06/26/2019), users of the beta program of the messenger will begin to see a new button below the My Status menu. With one tap, you can send a post with photo, video or text WhatsApp status quickly to the other social network(Facebook, Instagram and google etc). It will present there for the next 24 hours.

In addition, you can export WhatsApp content to other apps, such as Instagram, Gmail, and Google Photos.

Release of Application

The WhatsApp website is releasing this news gradually. This new feature is not yet available to all members of the WhatsApp. It is still unknown when all WhatsApp members will get this update officially.

The WhatsApp officials explained that the function is optional. Sharing WhatsApp Status on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks depend on the user’s wishes. In addition, WhatsApp Status is in encrypted from end-to-end.

WhatsApp Status on Facebook

By default, the new feature allows you to share your one or more recent status updates on Facebook. However, it is also possible to send older statuses by scanning more deeply in the “My Status” menu.

When you touch the Share button, a pop-up appears on the screen. It is to define who can see the content, in settings like “public” or “just friends.”

To The Verge, Facebook clarified that the resource is not an integration of the two platforms.

While there is a direct link to sharing your WhatsApp status, WhatsApp says you are not planning anything to interlink both services. Instead, it uses the same iOS and Android data sharing APIs from all other applications. It means that the data is shared between the applications on the device.

WhatsApp Status on Facebook, Instagram and other applications

Even if you have shares data with another service such as Instagram, WhatsApp explains that the two posts will work as separate events on Facebook. They will work separately. There’s also no option for your WhatsApp user to share status automatically with another service. To share the resources with other apps is an active choice on the user side.

According to The Verge website, WhatsApp should be careful when creating a data-sharing network with Facebook. That’s because in 2014 when Mark Zuckerberg’s social network bought the messaging service, it was announced that WhatsApp would function independently and autonomously.

But that statement has not been in place since 2016 when they started sharing the data with Facebook. For this reason, the company was fined in 2017 by the European Commission and ordered to pay $122 million for misleading users about the level to which they would make the information available prior to the acquisition.

WhatsApp status

Will this feature allow data sharing?

The new WhatsApp status sharing feature does no data sharing. The warning is for users to stay tuned, as Facebook is on the way to allowing users of their top three services – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – to communicate through a single backend.

Launched in 2017, WhatsApp Status reached a milestone of 450 million active users per day worldwide. It is 50% more than the 300 million Instagram Stories a year ago.

Possibly, by 2020, WhatsApp will become the first WhatsApp space to show ads.

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