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Best Wearable/wear OS Apps to Use for healthcare (Smartwatches)

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Best Wearable/wear OS Apps to Use for healthcare (Smartwatches)

wear os apps

The scenario of mobile technologies along with its application in various fields is dramatically changing. In a short period of time, new technologies in the field of communication (mobiles) and resources are emerging to meet a particular field (wearable healthcare), including modernizing, facilitating and assisting in the various tasks of our daily lives. Wearable/wear os apps to track the health are emerging trends in this era.

These (apple app and wear os app) has made it easy to track your routine activities which directly affect your health and cause illness such as blood pressure, heartbeat, steps count, floor climbed, mindfulness, nutrition, sleep, maintain health record & body measurement including height and weight etc.  

wear os apps
wear os apps

Smartphones themselves have become our faithful squire, assisting us in our daily routine as well as providing a wide range of entertainment. Following the premise of smartphone features, there also came the smartwatches and in this case, they do much more than just show the time.

wearable app

When setting up your smartwatch, there are many options and applications to install. They can make your routine easier and more modern, as well as make it more effective and even more fun.

And to help you, we at Digitalfro have put together a list of app options that might be super interesting to use on your smartwatch. Check out!

Best wearable app Or wear os apps

Wear Audio Recorder

Smartwatches are super discreet devices while performing multifunctional tasks. This is also the idea of this application; the Wear Audio Recorder is a super simple but very useful recorder.

wear audio recorder

This app is a great option to install on your smartwatch if you usually need or like to record conversations, readings, meetings and the like.

You can manage recordings made your way by naming, sharing or, where appropriate, deleting. The Wear Audio Recorder app lets you upload your recordings to cloud storage systems.

As for the quality of the recordings, there is a reduction of noise, elimination of silent spaces and suppression of echoes, ensuring clean audios.

A discreet recorder, which performs recording functions directly from your smartwatch, without drawing attention and allowing other simultaneous actions.

The simple interface and uncomplicated functions, with Wear Audio Recorder on your smartwatch you will be able to record everything around you.


Write it all down – by keeping the Keep app on your smartwatch. You will be able to control and organize your routine without forgetting anything with just a few clicks of the device on your wrist.

Providing quick and easy access, the Keep platform features functions for you to take notes and create lists. You can do it by voice command, making your routine even easier.

There are many features of the Keep app that promise to make your daily life easier.

They are: to include functions such as recording a voice note anywhere and transcribing it automatically; Take a picture of a poster, receipt, or documents and arrange them your way, making searching much easier later.

When planning that surprise party, everything is easier. Because Keep helps you not to forget and the tool also enables you to share information and notes with others and still collaborate in real-time.

Some more features of Keep according to platform developers include:

  1. Add colours and markers to encode notes, organize them quickly and be able to devote your time to what really matters;
  2. To find something you have saved, just a simple search;
  3. Do you need to pass the market? Set a location-based reminder to open the shopping list as soon as you hit the market;
  4. Always at your fingertips;
  5. Available anywhere.


For those who enjoy physical activities, smartwatches are great allies, it provides several possibilities. It helps in the practice of exercises, such as measuring pressure, counting steps, calories, etc.

For you to control your fitness routine Endomondo works by marking your runs, hikes, climbs and more!

Endomondo app

In case your Smartwatch has GPS function, you may not need to use your smartphone as the watch will store all your metric information.

It is a perfect app to help you improve your fitness. Without subscribing to premium, you have access to the following functions:

  1. Record cycling, walking, running and over 60 sports using GPS;
  2. View pace/speed, distance, time, calories, etc. in training summary;
  3. Audio information about pace/speed and distance for each mile/km;
  4. Manually record your workouts indoors and have a complete record;
  5. Get informed when you have completed a new record.

If you choose to subscribe to Endomondo Premium, you will have access to:

  1. Custom training plans: Achieve your goals faster with a 5K, 10K or marathon training plan;
  2. Advanced statistics: History of personal records, calories spent per month, distance travelled by month or year, etc;
  3. Heart rate zone analysis: What heat rate you need for a specific distance;
  4. Interval Training: Vary your training schedule and feel better faster;
  5. Weather information: Learn how weather can impact your performance;
  6. No Ads: Train without distractions;
  7. VIP Support: Line up and get priority response, and more!


It is another option to use for your fitness routine. Whether you like running, cycling or just enjoying an outdoor adventure, you’ll love Strava. Try it, it’s free!

Millions of runners, cyclists and active people use it to record the activities and to compare their performance over time.

It’s also useful for connecting with people around you and even sharing highlights, stories, and photos of your adventures with friends.

Some of the features of the wearable os app include:

  1. Activity Tracking:  During and after an activity, get important details such as distance/pace, speed and calories burned, in addition to an interactive map.
  2. Personal Challenge: Take part in monthly events to encourage you more.
  3. Segments: Do you have a favourite climbing or straight line? See how you did in specific portions of your Strava activity.
  4. Social Training: Follow friends, training partners, and professionals to see each other’s activities and encourage them with kudos and comments.
  5. Clubs: Of course, there is a club for all your athletic interests. It can be formed by the biggest sports brands in the world, as well as by the running group in your neighbourhood. Join your favourite clubs, learn about events, participate in discussions and find out what’s new.
  6. Activity Photos: Show the best moments of your race or ride.
  7. Friendly Competition: Go deep and try a higher time in segment ratings.
  8. Strava on social media: Share the details of activity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  9. Friendly device: Strava is compatible with every GPS running watch, cycling computer and activity monitor.
  10. Heart rate: Training while monitoring heart rate is of an extra benefit.
  11. Android smartwatches: Record and send a complete Strava activity.


The rush of everyday life sometimes makes us forget to do certain tasks and still fail to manage our commitments effectively. Therefore, to help you control and make your day more enjoyable; the Todoist app offers a super interesting proposition.

Todoist helps you organize your appointments and ideas in to-do lists. These lists can be synchronized in real-time with the devices of your choice, including your smartwatch. So, you can manage your daily tasks whenever and wherever you want.

The application that fits perfectly with utilities is the Todoist. It is simple, fast, and easy-to-use, to provide effective methods to fulfil all your tasks.

Key features – according to platform developers include:

  1. Organize and capture the tasks on the to-do list as soon as they remind in your head. For instance, just set a task as “watering every Friday at 9 am. #Routine”. The Todoist will set up a reminder and task for every Friday at 9 am in your project called “Routine”;
  2. Remember key deadlines and create long-lasting habits with recurring dates as “every Monday”;
  3. Relieve the mind by assigning tasks to people in their shared projects;
  4. Highlight the most key activities of your day with colour coded priority levels;
  5. Get an outline of your weekly and daily achievements with custom productivity charts.


Something interesting to do with your smartwatch is to leave it with a look to your taste, and for that has application too.

Muzei works like live wallpaper, which among some possibilities puts famous artwork on your home screen. It changes daily without interfering with the visibility and highlighting of icons and wear os apps. For that, it works with the backspace options, blur and darkens the artwork.

So the computer on your wrist looks stylish. To improve, you can still use the option to choose photos from your gallery and even other apps to use on your home screen.

Muzei keeps switching between the chosen artworks or photos, leaving your device fresh every few hours. A great option for those who like to customize their device, and can configure the way you like.

It is worth mentioning that the images obtained are super bold. They provide more sophistication for your smartwatch, leaving your device more elegant and stylish.

Interval Timer

It is another app that focuses on physical activity practitioners. Interval Timer is aimed at those who enjoy exercise that requires time counting, such as cycling and running, for example.

Its premise is to record your partial times, repetitions and rest period. There are many more features that basically allow you to set up your interval workouts simply and quickly.

The Interval Timer platform offers hassle-free navigation with simple settings. So, you don’t waste time on anything other than your physical activity sessions.

In summary, the key features of Interval Timer – according to application developers – are:

  1. Simple and intuitive interface;
  2. Set hours, minutes and seconds of the stopwatch;
  3. Pause, resume and reset the timer;
  4. Set rest time;
  5. Set repetitions;
  6. Set unlimited repetitions.

The best wear OS smartwatches

The best wear OS smartwatches for android and apple phones with connectivity prop up has been overhauled and became easy to use and understand.

The latest and moderate Google fit app has Qualcomm 3100 processor allow achieving your health goals and is best for the wrist.

Top wear OS watches for Android

Here are the best top-wear OS watches for 2019.

  1. Fossil Q Explorist RH  
  2. Fossil Q Venture HR
  3. Ticwatch E2
  4. Monthblanc Summit2
  5. Tag Heuer 45
  6. Michael Kors Acess Runway
  7. Kate spade scallop 2
  8. Skagen Flaster 2
  9. Casio pro trek WSD F30
  10. LG Watch sport
wear os smartwatch

These wear OS smartwatches works on every android phone has compatible connectivity. Every watch has some striking and unlike features which allow users to keep track of their health and fitness progress over time. The features of smartwatches may vary brand to brand along with its price range.


So, do you still wear your watch just to know if you’re late for work?

What if you could check the weather or call someone without taking your phone out of your pocket? Or even listen to the summary of a book through your watch?

The Smartwatches are connected platforms to interact with smartphones and potentially other connected devices. They help complete a variety of tasks, from the recovery of SMS messages and e-mails to streaming music and call screening.

This technology was made available in mid-2013, despite early developments. Its development, through different sizes, capacities and shapes, has brought serenity to the human momentum.

Through faster reaction, less risk and more convenience, we can now save the precious battery life of the phone by leaving it in your pocket.

For smart cities, a smartwatch means utility: a new gateway of opportunity, a new connectivity gateway.

Now, we can access our restaurant reservations; communicate with smart devices in our home. Check the daily / weekly schedule, make payments immediately and even use the smartwatch as a personal trainer!

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