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WOW! China’s floating Train Speed will be equal to Air Travel

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WOW! China’s floating Train Speed will be equal to Air Travel

China’s floating Train

China has uncovered a model of a new china’s floating train “Maglev train” created to ride with 600 km/h speed. This speed is close to air travel, the World Economic Forum described.

Source: SciNews

This high-speed rail technology uses powerful electromagnets lifting and keeping the train in air. With no problem of resistance between train rails and wheels, Maglev train is able to reach a higher speed than the usual wheeled vehicle, and with negligible vibration and noise, the report expressed.

longyang road station

China already is offering the world’s class commercial high-speed magnetic China’s floating train services. From 2003, this train is already carrying passengers between the city centre and Shanghai’s Pudong airport at 431 km/h speed.

Source: nav san

Shanghai maglev links up the road station of Longyang and Pudong Airport in Shangai. It provides the interchange to passengers where they can carry on their journey towards the city through Shangai Metro

The maglev train cost in Shanghai?

The standard cost of the maglev train in Shanghai is Yuan 50 whereas round trip is concerned; its cost is 80 Yuan. The passenger can get benefit if he or she has an air travel ticket. He has to pay only Yuan 40.  

In 2017, Fuxing train started the service to travel 1300 km from Beijing to Shanghai, considerably decreasing travel times. This train travels at about 350 km/h speed.

But, the new maglev model will have so high speed that it will provide the same travel speed as the air travel, in accordance with its designers.

Ding Sansan, assistant head engineer at CRRC Qingdao Sifang, the train designing company, a sub-company of the Rolling Stock Corporation and China South Locomotive, reported that it will take only three and half hours for travel between Beijing and Shanghai. However, the air travel for the same distance takes four and a half hours to reach its destination.

China’s floating Train

However, prior to taking any passenger in real time, still it is undergoing a time of broad testing.

The maglev technology train is not only in use in China. Japan, a leader of maglev rails, has tested the train at 603 km/h in 2015. It is designing a new maglev train to appear in 2027, the report expressed.

maglev train

This train service will be able to run at 500 km/h completing 286 km distance in only 45 minutes rather than one and a half hour, the current travel time. They are planning to start a maglev train between Tokyo and Osaka in 2045.

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