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Meet 10 Innovative Technology Trends and be Amazed!

Future Technologies

Meet 10 Innovative Technology Trends and be Amazed!

10 future technologies

Innovative Technology is constantly evolving and keeping up with all these innovative technology trends that can be a challenge for anyone.

It’s scary to think that by 2025, perhaps, everything we see in science fiction films will be practically in the palm of our hands.

There are a number of trends that are also expected for the next few years. Each trend tends to improve the quality of life and facilitating day-to-day activities in various aspects.

Check out the list of new innovative technologies that will be available for the next generations!

1. 3D printers

3D printers are one of the popular latest technology trends and are no longer a novelty.

You can create any product with ease, just as downloading a virtual design template and making modifications if necessary. Then just send the file to be printed, as practical as printing a photo on any printer.

The device is already more accessible and can be found in several models on the internet.

2. Automatic cars

Imagine just getting in the car and sleeping a little bit on the way to work? This is possible, of course, when you’re in the hitchhiker with someone else behind the wheel.

automatic cars

But what if you are the only occupant of the vehicle and want to take a nap while? This will be possible in a short time, thanks to one of the most promising technology trends in 2019 today: autonomous cars.

The vehicles started earning investments about 10 years ago and are seen as a great promise. Still, it is not possible to find a fully autonomous vehicle, but several automakers already test the novelty.

3. Virtual reality

We have long heard of virtual reality, and although we are ever closer to it. There are still many doubts about it.

virtual reality

Contextualizing, virtual reality is nothing more than an interface technology. It deceives the senses through a virtual environment, with visual, sound and, in some cases, even tactile effects.

Several companies already invest in handsets that promise to expand the notion of reality. Samsung, for example, has already put on the market a mask-like device. The Gear VR has a proximity sensor and costs approximately $700.

4. Edition of human genes

Discovered recently, CRISPR is a genome-editing technology. It allows you to identify genes of interest in the DNA of any species and thus modify it as needed.

human genes

Simply put, if a person has some kind of disease from a mutation, this tool allows a correction to be made.

5. Intelligent clothing

Imagine that you T-shirt or your pants pocket carrying smartphone making post to Facebook and Twitter? This is already true with the OS T-shirts and the #Hello pants.

best intelligent clothing

The T-shirt has 1.24 pixels in a space of 32 x 32 and allows the person to control changes in format and colour. It also has a micro camera and a microphone, with accelerometer and even speakers.

The part of the American company Joe’s only need a small USB cable to perform the power transmission and is now available for sale.

6. Spectacles – Filming glasses

It is one of the latest technology trends for users of Snapchat making life easier for those who cannot detach from the social network.

Imagine just one sunglass that can shoot and still post all application records automatically?

filming glasses, best camera glasses

The idea of Spectacles, as it is called, is to offer a different experience with records similar to that of human vision. The market value is approximately $130.

7. Crowd-funding – Fund rising

Another novelty of the innovative technology trends that have already gained adherents from all over the world is crowd-funding. It is a kind of funding to raise capital for initiatives of collective interest.

fund raising

The tool is used for any type of market, whether cultural, health, technology or industrial, and also serves entrepreneurs who need to carry high capital.

8. Internet of things – Internet-linked equipment

One of the technology trends in 2019 is the connectivity between the elements that are part of the daily lives of the population.

smart home

It has revolutionized the market worldwide and promises to expand further in the coming years. One of the most common examples is Smart TVs.

This new innovative technology idea is to unite the physical and digital world through devices that communicate with others. The examples are home appliances and even clothes, connected to the Internet.

9. Computer in cloud

Storing files on your own computer, pen drive or external HD is no longer the preference of most people.

cloud computers

Now the new innovative technology trend is cloud computing, where you can save everything you want on servers and accessible through the internet.

Now, everything is available in a more practical way. The user also does not run the risk of losing all information when the HD stops working.

Currently, it is possible to store on OneDrive, Microsoft, iCloud, Apple and Google Drive.

10. Drones

It is a powerful tool in several areas. It is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as a remotely piloted air vehicle (VARP). It does not need a pilot to guide it.

best drones

The device has already been used extensively, mainly by photographers and videographers as support for the cameras.



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