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How to Locate Your Smartphone – Find My Phone

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How to Locate Your Smartphone – Find My Phone

find my phone

Android phones and iPhones (iOS) have a feature for remote tracking. The function is ideal for phone loss, or theft and should be used before the phone is locked. Now you can use “find my phone” function to locate your mobile phone or use find iPhone builtin app to find it.   

DigitalFro, here will teach you the step by step process to find your/my mobile phone. It is noteworthy that to track the smartphone, it must be connected to the internet via 4G network or Wi-Fi.

find my phone

How to allow tracking on Android “Find my Phone”

Step 1. Access your phone settings.

Step 2. Scroll down until you find “Security” and enable the item “Remotely locate device” and allow remote lock and wipe.

Step 3. Then return to the “Settings” and enable the “Location” item.

How to track your Android phone

Step 1. After allowing your phone to provide location data, access your Google account from your PC. Remember that this account must be the same as the one on the smartphone. Enter your email and password.

Step 2. Click on your avatar and go to “My Account”.

Step 3. Choose the “Find Your Smartphone/Find my phone” option.

Step 4. Devices using the same Google account will appear. Select the phone you want to find.

Step 5. To access Android Device Manager, type your password again.

Step 6. Click on “Find”.

Step 7. After a few seconds, your Android phone will be found.


How to remotely lock an Android phone

Step 1. Repeat the steps for “Tracking your Android phone”. In the end, click on “Lock Smartphone”.

Step 2. Fill in the requested information and confirm in “Lock”. Your smartphone will be locked and cannot be used by anyone.

How to block an Android phone with IMEI code

Step 1. The IMEI is in the box of the device. But if you don’t have the box anymore, go to Google Dashboard to expand the Android menu. Sign in with your Google account. And then search for “Android”. By clicking on the word, the information will appear.

Step 2. Once you have the IMEI code, call your carrier to lock the machine. Or some of the countries have special departments to report about lost or stolen mobile phones. They will block and track your mobile if used later on.

For example, the US carriers include the followings, where you can call or report on their respective sites: AT&T (1-800-331-0500), T-Mobiles (1-877-746-0909), Sprint (1-888-211-4727) and Verizon (1-800-922-0204)

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How to Find iPhone?

Step 1. To find my phone or track my iPhone, the “Search iPhone” item must be enabled. To do this, go to “Settings”, look for “iCloud” and then “Search iPhone”. Tap the icon to activate it.

Step 2. Log in to iCloud, enter your email and password.

Step 3. As you will be without your device, you will not be able to receive the code. Click on the “Search my iPhone” item.

Step 4. Enter your Apple password.

Step 5. Within a few seconds, the location of your iPhone will be displayed on the map.

If you have been robbed or stolen, it is best to lock the device so that no one else can use it. The user has the option to find my phone, lock the phone from the computer by accessing the Android manager – for Android, or iCloud – for iPhone (iOS) or through the carrier with the code IMEI.

find iphone

How to remotely lock an iPhone

Step 1. Follow the instructions in the “Tracking an iPhone” topic starting at step 2. Then click “All Devices” and select the lost device.

Step 2. A small window will open. Choose the “Lost Mode” option to lock your device and fill in the information until the process is complete. You can also erase all content on your iPhone. If you want, press “Delete iPhone”.

How to lock an iPhone with IMEI code

Step 1. The iPhone’s IMEI code is in the box of the device. On the back of the box, there is some device information and the IMEI.

Step 2. With the number in hand, call your carrier to make the lock.

Source: Techboomers

How to locate lost or stolen Android phone via Android Apps

At the end of the day, losing your mobile or having it stolen is an unpleasant situation. But there are some resources to try to reverse it.

Thanks to special applications designed for location tracking (like, find my phone) and remote functions, today it is possible to try to discover what the real-time location of our device is and find deterrent ways for a thief to leave or return it.

Of course, these apps are not infallible. They may not work, but at least they let the user know that they can perform some actions before giving up.

Ultimately, and seeking to preserve privacy, we can perform actions to block our Android hone.

From that decision, the thief will have to take the job of making the cell phone useful again. In terms of mobile security, the alternatives are, it’s a matter of looking for the best options.

1. Prey Anti Theft

One of the options is Prey Anti Theft; a very popular app with a large number of downloads through the official Google App Store.

It is one of the most complete in what has to do with the tracking and location of Android phone through the network.

In addition to tracking the device through the GPS signal, Prey Anti Theft allows you to remotely activate the front and rear cameras to shoot photos.

It allows turning on the alarm at maximum volume, searching for the phone by IMEI and locate at no cost up to 3 devices.

2. Timeline (Google)

Google also has an application that can help you track your Android phone. It is called Timeline and marks the location of the device in real-time.

Even, it can turn the mobile off, being able to show you the last place where it was turned on with an Internet connection.

Its operation is very simple since from google.com/maps/timeline you can track the locations of your device.

If you are still connected and on the move, you can hit the police and ask for help to recover your mobile. They already have knowledge of how these apps work, their reach and operation in general.

3. Google Photos

Lastly, we recommend, Google Photos, another alternative to search for your lost Android.

To be able to use the app with tracking functions you have to activate “automatic photo upload”, have location sharing selected and the phone is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or data.

The operation of this alternative requires that the person who has the phone take pictures.

Then they will be uploaded immediately to your Google Photos account and you can see the location where the mobile is.

find iphone

How to locate lost or stolen iPhone via iOS Apps

We know how bitter that feeling is. Losing your iPhone or having it stolen is a huge headache.

Not only must take into account the money it has cost us. But a large number of photos, files and personal data it contains. And all those apps that make our lives easier and we don’t know what to do without them.

Don’t lose your cool! Here, we will show you some of the best techniques that exist to find a lost iPhone using different programs and applications such as iCloud or IMEI.

Locate the iPhone from iCloud

Thanks to the Find my iPhone app, iCloud is one of the best tools at your disposal to locate your Smartphone.

In case, you lose it or it is stolen, you can also block it to prevent your personal data from reaching third parties.

The operation is very simple. We just have to log in to iCloud and a map will appear with all your Apple devices.

Those that are in green mean they are on. While those that appear in grey are off. Although it notifies us of the last time they were working.

In addition, from iCloud we will locate other devices of this brand, such as Apple Watch or AirPods.

In case of not detecting it, the last known location will appear. And we can configure it to receive notifications if it connects.

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Find My Friends

Find My Friends is an application that allows you to locate family and friends using an iPhone or iPad.

You will only have to download it and you will know where all your contacts are located. When you share your location, others can also do the same.

find friends

In this way, if someone loses their mobile they will have no problem knowing where they are. here are some of the applications that are used to share friends locations.


Thanks to Glympse, we will share our location in real-time with any other platform.

For this, it uses the iPhone’s GPS, with the great advantage that it also locates Android phones. It is a perfect app if your mobile is stolen. And it will also be a great help if you are hiking and get lost in the forest.


And we finish today’s entry with Spyzie, which may be the best tool to locate a stolen iPhone from another iOS device.

It is also compatible with Android. Its operation is very simple. Just install the app and log in to iCloud to synchronize both devices.

Next, you just have to go to the control panel to find the real-time location of any iPhone that has been lost.

In addition, Spyzie allows us to improve the security of our phones and is able to track Social Networks.

This article includes an all-inclusive guide on how to find stolen or lost Android/iPhone. Share more techniques or methods in comments.

find a friend on phone
Protect your Smartphone

Here are some important tricks you can use to protect your smartphones or iPhone.

Always use the passcode to your mobile and apply auto-lock phone feature

Always keep the backup of your data. For this, you can use several cloud services  or cloud applications like one drive, Google photos,   

Use some mobile tracking software to remotely control your device in case of lost or stolen.  Such as Norton Security, used for IOS mobiles to make your phone secure.  

You can avoid saving passwords to your browser as the hackers can use your information through unlocking the phone.

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