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Drone Taxi Dubai

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Drone Taxi Dubai

Drone taxi Dubai
Dubai helicopter taxi
Source: dubai.com

According to the transportation agency Dubai, the uber drone taxi in Dubai will be available to carry people from July. The uber sky taxi can carry only one passenger at a time. The maximum weight it can carry is 100 kg or 220lbs. However, there is no inside control of uber other than the option of selecting a destination. It was proclaimed at the WGS (world Government Summit).  

Dubai’s tech strategy

Drive-less air pods strategy will have an effect of 5M trips on a daily basis, proclaimed by Dubai Future Foundation. This transportation strategy will enable the saving flying taxi cost AED 22billion annually. Resultantly, it will add up into the economic resources by saving billions of AED and will lead to effective and efficient transport strategy as well as the pollution reduction. the drone taxi will be the most popular service in Dubai in the near future.     

Fairly simple technology

Different than helicopters, drone taxi technology is a lot simpler. They are controlled by computers or other smart devices and powered by batteries to fly in the sky. This drone taxi technology has applied successfully in toy-type small commercial drones available today in the market.

Currently, many companies are using small drones taxi, air taxi or flying taxi without a pilot for product delivery. The whole flying operation is controlled remotely successfully.

Volocopter drone
Air taxi Dubai

It is not exactly an artificial intelligence (AI) system. They fly through several checkpoints tractable during flying operation. The operators use GPS to track and control flying operation.

The key concern of this transportation carrying passengers is only the time to reach the destination.

Afterwards, the key research on this transportation is about the safety of this operation. The safety is not only essential for passengers by also the property on board.

The Uber has launched its first flight of Uber helicopter NYC. The route is between John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York City) and a heliport in Lower Manhattan. Read more


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