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All The God of War Artifacts

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All The God of War Artifacts

God of War Artifacts

In God of War, know how to find out where all the God of War artifacts are. We will not let you miss a single one to reach the all desired God of War artifacts.

Table of content

1. Midgard: Wild Forest

2. Midgard: River Pass

3. Midgard: The Mountain

4. Midgard: Ravens of Ravens

5. Midgard: Island of Death

6. Midgard: Forgotten Caverns

7. Midgard: Stone Falls

8. Midgard: Veithurgard

9. Midgard: Shores / Lake of Nine

10. Midgard: Watchtower (Lake of Nine)

11. God of War Alfheim

12. Helheim

Midgard: Wild Forest

  • Before the house, along with the Mystical Access (the pile of stones shaped like a broken arch).
  • Just before the stairs of bridge, you must cross, it is in the way, you cannot miss it.
  • After crossing the bridge, at the junction where you come to the Chest of the Norns, turn right, go straight, cross the river and climb at the ledge. In the end, there’s a chain, you will see it when you go down
  • In the temple, where you need to first freeze a chain mechanism, run through the door that takes you below the bridge, to the frozen river, and you will see it here in this small area.

Midgard: River Pass

  • Before the Mystical Access Boundary of the wild forest: go down with chain and run straight until the end.
  • At the right side of Brok’s Shop, search a ledge to go down and you will see it on a corpse.
  • Continue the story from Brok’s Shop. After the spiked roof part, when you get on the ledge, you will notice a corpse with the object.
  • Right after room with the spiked ceiling, you come round a cliff. Go straight over the cliff edge before continuing to the right side to find a corpse with the Hallazo.
  • After the puzzle of discs, in the cave, at the crossroads (where you hear the crows) turn left, climb to the ledge and find it in the puddle.
  • Behind the first cabin nearby the area of the burned village, specifically in the vicinity of Raven, find a corpse with the item.
  • Under the bridge in the elevator Witch’s Cave area (it goes down the side. Move the big stone block in the tunnel to make the way to cross).
  • When you exit the well in the cave blocked by red mass facing the elevator of Witch’s cave you will have to go down a slope at right. Just before jumping the dropped tree, there’s a corpse with the object.
  • Climb on a chain in great turtle area and you will reach a Chest of the Norns. Follow the left edge of the chest (the one with the two white trees together, not the other one) and whenever you pass the fourth white tree, the thickest, find a corpse with which to interact to find it. This item doesn’t shine like the others, for some reason.

Midgard: The Mountain

  • See next to the windmill of the Chest of the Norns that is further away (next to Raven 1). There’re many wooden boards to break. Behind find a corpse with the object.
  • Move the big stone block into the claw elevator room. Find that on the west wall of the hallway you have revealed a door/trap. Hit the upper right part, as usual, to see a hole with the object.
  • On the north side of the claw elevator room, see the hallway that leads to where the big stone block was. There’s a red wall on the left. When it explodes find the chest and an object following the corpse.
  • On a corpse, come down from the Summit Mystical Access.
  • Go back from The Summit to the 2nd Chest of the Norns. Keep going back even further, until you have to scale a wall down. You’ll be on a platform where an elevator left you. It has a wheel on one side that raises a basket with an explosive crystal. Pick up the basket and break a wall behind to see the object.
  • Next to the Tear is a Sindri shop, behind the great gate. Between the shop and the room where you fight the Soul Eater finds a corpse with the object. It shines and you cross here as part of the story, it has no loss.

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Midgard: Ravens of Ravens

  • Following the chest, find it with a Key.

Midgard: Island of Death

  • Next to every pile of yellow rocks, there is always an explosive jar. You must explode the jars to clear the way. Climb inside the cave to reach the mountain top. Find the object above, just after finishing the climb, on the left, just behind some yellow rocks. “God of War artifacts”

Midgard: Forgotten Caverns

  • Climb to island top (climbing through the cave) and find it following the chest of Keys.

Midgard: Stone Falls

  • At the top area, crossing the bridge goes down breaking the chain disc and then going right. You will have no problem seeing the shine.

Midgard: Veithurgard

  • On the dock boards.
  • From the beach, go west and jump the log. Pull the chain and halt this mechanism. Now go round the wall following the south side and climb through a hole. Now climb at top, fall away and breakthrough a wooden blockade next to you to see a horn.
  • To the left side of the dragon, on a corpse.
  • A little more to the left side of the previous one, on the broken bridge.
  • You must open the large closed door with four runes. From top to bottom and from left to right, they are T, R, N and F. It is to the left side of Skdi Shrine.
  • Drain the area ahead, inside the castle, and find it on the corpse in the moat.

Midgard: Shores / Lake of Nine

  • From the way from the Temple of Tyr, go down the staircase on the left side. Find a corpse with the first item.
  • At the door of the Tower of Helheim (use an elevator to go up). It’s the tower just north of the Temple of Tyr.
  • At the door of the Alfheim Tower (same, use the elevator). It is northeast of the Temple, following the Council of the Valkyries.
  • At the gate of the Niflheim Tower. It is southwest of the Temple.

Midgard: Watchtower (Lake of Nine)

  • You will see some skewers on the beach. Use the mill-like mechanisms alongside the wall to remove them and take a boat.

Alfheim God of War

  • See the beach southwest of the circular temple, where you reach the Alfheim Chamber. As you disembark, search the stone cut-path to the right-side of the two caves. (God of War artifacts)
  • Reach the beach southeast of the circular temple, on the lake. Cross the gate that opens when you press the switch. It closes if you do not pass quickly. You will reach another square with the same mechanism. You must press the switch and then throw the ax against the lower sheath. Then, while the grate is up, break the upper sheath. Now by pressing the switch reach the first Tear in the area. On the right side, find a cave. Continue to end and before going down again to the beach area, find it following the platform edge.
  • In the Temple, there is a part where you fought the elf boss the first time. You have a bridge of light on both sides. Go to the left one to find it.
  • In the area of cells, right wherever the elevator takes you to the entrance of the Temple is. When the power is cut, find an open cell and a corpse with the artifact.
  • In the cells, reach by deploying bridges of light near the elevator area of the sand bowl.
  • In the area where the sand bowl elevator takes you, turn the wheel. Freeze the mechanism to cross to the other wheel at the tunnel end. You will notice the object on the corpse just behind, in a now open cell.

God of War Helheim Artifacts

  • Just to the right side as you exit the temple you will see a corpse with the first one.
  • Go to the bridge end and before the tunnel, turn left and drop to the lower area. Cross the crack in the wall. Go down via columns to that area where a piece of ground sank. When you reach on the ground, go to the northwest corner. There’s one of those frozen statues/spirits) and turn around. You’ll have a column facing you. If you look up you’ll see some brambles, you must burn them so that the object falls.
  • In the same area as the previous one, drop to the sunken area and go up the east wall. Cross the small cave. When you leave, see around the bridge you will notice another bush to burn to get another Memory.
  • Next to the way to the House of Helheim.
  • In the Chamber of Helheim, there’s a Mystic Access room. Climb the ladder and find an artifact in the left corner.

Finding God of War artifacts isn’t only about being an expert gamer. Every artifact you find provides some XP also. You can also sell gold of War artifacts whenever you go to a Brok location. Hope you have learned greatly to get all artifacts.


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