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Control Computer With Your Brain – How It will Works?

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Control Computer With Your Brain – How It will Works?

brain computer interface

The billionaire Elon Musk has announced that Neuralink, the startup of which he is founder and CEO, is “progressing” on a brain-computer interface that connects the brain to computers using chips. This experiment, he said, should be done with humans next year.

Wall Street Journal

“Most people do not realize it, but we can solve that with a chip. We can make a complete brain-machine interface. This project can achieve a kind of mutualism with artificial intelligence, “Musk said during an event in San Francisco, USA.

How Does Brain-Computer Interface Work?

Musk explained part of what Neuralink is creating: very thin sensors (about 30% of the diameter of a hair). They will be implanted into the brain through a superficial intervention by a robot – built solely to perform this task, considered high precision.

Artificial Intelligence

It’s something that will not be stressful and that will work well,” said the billionaire.

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According to the company, the small chips, once deployed, will communicate through special hearing devices, which will send data to a smartphone application.

Small communication chip

So far, the objective is to make the person who has the implant manage to control a phone just with thoughts. In the future, it may be extended to other accessories, such as robotic arms.

For a neurosurgeon of Neuralink, if the brian computer interface technology proves effective in a person, the first step is to help patients with neurological diseases.

From there, the attempt will be to reverse serious pictures, such as returning the sight to a blind man.

“This has wonderful potential and we expect to start working on a human patient before the next year’ end,” said Musk, who has recently invested heavily in Neuralink.

On July 16, 219, the world finally has known more about what Elon Musk’s Neuralink is doing.

To solve the secrecy behind the human brain works, which is most powerful and systematized matter in the earth. It is a little more than just developing ultra-wideband brain-machine to interface the human brain to a computer.

In September 2018, the entrepreneur behind the project warned that “Neuralink will have something interesting to announce in a few months. It probably may something bigger and better than anyone imagines possible.”

And, finally, a select group of guests (plus half planet accompanying the live broadcast) killed curiosity.

Neuralink was researching a way to bridge the space between the human brain and artificial intelligence (AI).

Source: Lex Fridman

In San Francisco, It is at least one development on the progress of the study that has been conducted since 2016.

Since 2017, the company is developing brain-computer interface implants to allow communication between machines and people. It is something vital so that humans are not surprised by artificial intelligence in the future, according to Musk.

On 16 July in San Francisco, they have revealed about what they’ve been researching on for the last two years.

Last year, Musk said in an interview that Neuralink would first work with microcontrollers, within the development of brain-computer interface technology.

brain-computer interface technology
brain-computer interface technology

That is, it would be a premature version of a neural loop. This, in fact, is one of the solutions to avoid eventual domination of the machine when the growth of AI makes the human contribution expendable. This neural loop would solve the concern.

The technology developed by Neuralink would theoretically allow a person to integrate into the computer accessing and processing information as well as an AI.

The human brain would have an “artificial intelligence” to call it’s own. The internal device will provide an interface, as is the case today in the man-machine relationship.

brain computer interface

A short-term goal of Neuralink is to provide an advanced treatment of certain types of brain injury or neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

In doing so, research into the technology of a neural implant would advance to the point where the human brain would merge with AI. There would be no limit to human thought.

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