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Best 16 apple health app for iPhone

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Best 16 apple health app for iPhone

Apple health app
apple health apps

With a large number of Apple health app available in the online store, we often wonder which one to choose, right?

The problem is even greater when we can’t decide which app to use in our daily lives. With that in mind, in the iOS 8.0 release, Apple implemented a native application called HealthKit on its system.


For this reason, in this article, we have listed some apple health apps that help you from monitoring your walk to having a better night’s sleep. It can help you take better care of your health.

See some examples of the best apple health app below!

apple health app

1. Strava GPS Running Cycling

This is one of the reference apps for those who like to record their activities, whether joggers or cyclists.

The application has an activity monitoring. It is possible to know the distance travelled, pace, speed and calories burned while using the application. It allows you to observe the interactive map for more details of the route.

To keep the user motivated, the software has a personal challenge. In it, you participate in monthly challenges made especially so that the person does not lose the pace of activities.

Another very interesting point is the possibility of interacting with most users. The users can compete in getting better results than your friend. Or simply, anyone can follow the activities of others, being able to interact with comments within the platform itself.

The apple health app is free to try and you can get Premium plans to release new features.

2. My Fitness Pal

From the nutritional side, we can use a stunning apple healthcare app “My Fitness Pal”. The app has a fairly complete calorie database (the platform has over 5 million registered foods). Thus, it facilitates the user’s consultation to find the best diet to stay fit and maintain health.

My Fitness Pal

With a small registration, the app creates a user-specific diet program, as well as access to food-related exercises.

A point much commented by users is the full interface, where you can enter goals recommended by nutritionists themselves for even more exclusive tracking. Later you can access graphs of your progress over time, a detail that can help with motivation.

The app is completely free and can be downloaded here.

3. Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Have you ever felt even more tired the moment you wake up, even after a long night’s sleep?

This is because our sleep is divided into different stages, ranging from deep sleep to light sleep. When you have the sensation described above, it is very likely that you have woken up in deep sleep.

Through sensors such as the microphone itself or the accelerometer of your iPhone, the application has the ability to monitor your movements, knowing precisely which phase of sleep is currently.

With monitoring, the app can find the right time to wake you up, within a 30-minute period, when you’re in light sleep, providing a more rested and relaxed wake-up. To have the effect, you should position your iPhone near the bed, on a nearby nightstand.

The apple health app has a free plan with more basic functions and a premium subscription of $29.99 a year found here.

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4. IHealth Kit

The native app on iOS 8.0 integrates all data collected from the apps mentioned above. The app itself does not promise to do much. But, with a large number of compatible applications, you can easily monitor data collected in one place, from the activities you do (e.g. Strava) to how much you slept at night.

To bring an even more complete experience the app is supported by Apple Watch. The accessory allows you to monitor exercises during the day and synchronize with the HealthKit application later.

5 – Water your body

Applause, an American software testing company rated this app as “Excellent”. It ranks the best healthcare apps. This app calculates from your weight how much you should drink water a day.

water your body app

By setting the notification times and the interval between them, Water Your Body tells you how much water you have already consumed, from the information you enter into the app. It also suggests you how much you still have to consume and all through you want, whether in litres cups or bottles.

It is available for free and paid-for Android and iOS Operating Systems. This app lets you create customizable measuring cups and view your drinking history. In addition, you can check a graphical report showing your daily water consumption, the average weekly and yearly.

6 – My Medical

With the motto “We hope you never need this app, but if you need it, it could save your life”, the application was developed for emergency situations.

Created for iOS and Android Operating System, the application is a mini medical record containing essential information such as:

  • Name, date of birth and gender;
  • Height and weight;
  • If you are an organ donor
  • Blood type;
  • If you use a pacemaker or have a physical disability;
  • If you have chronic diseases or allergies;
  • Medicines you take and health plan data;
  • Contacts for emergency situation.

Your vital information and medical records will be accessible for emergencies where rescuers need this information for more efficient care.

Counting on a button called “emergency”, it accesses through it useful telephone numbers like Police, Fire and emergency contacts, such as preferred hospitals. You can also set it to automatically send an SMS message to someone you trust or a predefined Twitter message to your followers.

7 – Instant Heart Rate

Another Applause rated “Excellent”, the Instant Heart Rate app can measure your heart rate using your phone and is available for Android and iOS OS.

For it to work, you just have to press the index finger on the camera lens for 15 seconds. It will measure blood flow between each heartbeat. It is important that you do this in well-lit environments.

The Instant Heart Rate shows real-time PPG (ECG / Cardiograph) graphs for you to see all your heart rates. These figures allow you to monitor your heart rate before, during and after exercise. It allows you to store your usage history and send the results graphically to your email.

Remember that Instant Heart Rate should not be used for medical diagnostics.

8 – Period Tracker

Considered by Applause the “Winner” as the best app the Period Tracker is available for free for iOS and Android. It works very simply, helping women keep up with their menstrual cycle.

To start using Period Tracker, simply enter the first day of your period of the month you started using the app. After the third cycle, he will indicate, based on the previous months, when, approximately, will be the next menstruation.

Other features of it are to know the days of evolution, how many days until the next period and how late it is (if any), weight control and temperature monitoring.

You will be able to set a password for the app and make notes on it for use at an upcoming doctor appointment.

It is noteworthy that the Period Tracker should not be used as a contraceptive method, but as an aid tool to maintain control over your menstrual cycle.

Apple Fox

9. Lifesum: Live Healthy

Life-sum works as a personalized health and lifestyle guide. Life-sum builds on your lifestyle goals and health data. It creates a plan to help each person live better.

Whether losing weight is the goal of winning (or just keeping healthy), the app provides tips on healthy daily habits that are often the trigger for people to change wrong rituals in their daily lives.

This apple health app, knowing your eating habits, synchronizes this information with the iOS Health app and traces the profile. In addition, it provides cross information derived from other health apps. It may be important to improve the life of each user. Download here

10. Daily Yoga

There are several ways to move around. Walking, cycling and weight training are just some of the most accomplished. On the other hand, are many people who prefer to do yoga, and guarantee that this is a good way to start the day.

According to its practitioners, Yoga helps reduce muscle aches, improve breathing and relieve stress. If you practice or are interested in practising yoga, we recommend Daily Yoga!

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11. Spiritual Me: Meditation

We live in chaos, especially when we live in large urban centres.

There are even entrepreneurs creating urban SPAS that somehow help people out of the rush, even for a few hours. As a very common practice in these spaces is meditation, we could not fail to recommend Spiritual Me, an ideal application for this purpose.

12. Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is like a Yoga trainer who will direct you from your complete yoga session.

Practice yoga in your home with ease without being anxious about the rhythm. You can check out 27 different pieces of training of various challenges and duration.

The dictionary of poses teaches optimal posture, alignment and its advantages. Using Apple Watch, you can get additional details on your wrist at the same time as practising on your iPhone.

You can examine your present pose; pose name, calories burned, time left and more. Tracking your training from your iPhone is also easy.

Other helpful features of the apple health app are:

  1. Voice and visual instructions;
  2. 200 pose images;
  3. Quick view;
  4. Continuous recording of your practice;
  5. Sessions designed by instructors specializing in yoga;
  6. Playing music;
  7. Connect your Apple TV via airplay to see the practices;
  8. Track your heart rate and calories.

13. Map my race

Every morning you will run and plan your race; this way Map My Run works.

The health application helps in recording 600 different exercises and keeps all the fitness activities. With this app, you can send your data to other devices and enter the exercises manually.

In addition, you can also monitor what you take during your exercise plan to see an entire image of your health. See full data like calories burned, distance, pace, and much more with Apple Watch.

Show your exercise plan to your social media friends and encourage them with your healthy growth through Map my race.

14. GPS Cycle meter

With this app, you can use your Apple Watch as fitness Watch. Use this most superior cyclist app ever created on your Apple Watch and keep various physical exercises (of course, rides in your cycle).

This app does not require site login. You can summarize all your information by week, month, and year. Track your heart rate, bike speed, your bike climb, and the power of your bike with sensors.

Beating your speed or previous miles would increase your confidence. With this app, you can beat your previous records by performing better. In addition to cycling, this app helps in skiing, skating, running, hiking and much more activities.

15. Endomondo


Endomondo is your private pocket trainer. Get the most excellent benefits from your workouts – running, walking, cycling and more.

After each training session, keep a complete training log to examine your training to improve it. The app’s audio coach can support you to accomplish your health goals. Download it now!

For social media users, they can give confidence to their fellows to work harder and also get stimulating conversations from others. Moreover, check out remarks on your friends’ performance and progress.

16. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is practically a free pocket personal trainer. The apple health app helps you reach your fitness goals, saddles it, and gets stronger or healthier.

It is suitable for those who already exercise regularly and for those who want to start. By entering your information, the app allows you to choose from several individual exercises to practice. After setting a goal to be achieved in four weeks, it creates a personalized training.

With training options ranging from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, Nike Training Club fits even the busiest routines. For relaxation, the last minutes of training are devoted to stretching and even suggest some yoga poses.

Another plus point of the app is that most of the exercises suggested require a few extra features that can easily be found or replaced with “home” solutions.

You can also select a playlist of your favourite songs or just listen to the app’s “motivational commands and phrases” throughout the workout.

The app also keeps a history of the exercises and indicates your progress. The Nike Training Club also features detailed exercise instructions, as well as audio and video guides demonstrating exactly how to do it.

The app also offers “rewards” as you progress, such as medals when you complete a series or “congratulations” from athletes or celebrities. So what you are waiting for? Get it immediately.


Wouldn’t it be much easier to have the information you always want in hand and being more than just information, helping your day today, with tips, goals, agility and security?

We have listed the 8 best health-related apps above. With most of them working not just for one type of device but allowing them to be installed on devices ranging from smartphones to tablets, it is much easier to have them around.

We can count on the help of health apps for a more balanced life. After all, through apps, we can have greater control over how much we exercise during the week, including our diet!

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