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Applications of Virtual Reality in the Healthcare Sector

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Applications of Virtual Reality in the Healthcare Sector

Applications of Virtual Reality

Along with wearable, there is another technology changing health care sector; this is the applications of Virtual Reality in the healthcare industry. How VR healthcare hospitals are using VR? How VR helps in touch surgery.

There has been a time when we associate VR to entertainment and games only. But, in this post, we will show how VR healthcare hospitals are using VR in healthcare services.

application of VR

4 Applications of Virtual Reality in the Healthcare Sector

The wearables are already changing the health sector. But, there is another technology called VR in healthcare.

However, the application of Virtual Reality in the healthcare industry has got popularity.

Here are 4 applications of Virtual Reality in the healthcare market.

1 – VR in the surgical training platform

Surgery training is the most impressive allocations of Virtual Reality in this industry. It makes too much sense too.

The cost of Virtual Reality in healthcare education equals the actual surgery cost because not everybody has the same exposure level.

The Osso VR is a healthcare training platform providing training to the medical staff at every level, from surgeon to any other medical staff member. It is one of the great Virtual Reality applications in education.

Osso VR

It is a great application of Virtual Reality in medicine and surgery.

It allows practitioners to practice sensitive surgical operations with accurate hand-based activities in the immersive training environment.

A VR environment, instead of real environment, reduces the cost of using procedures and cutting-edge technology, administers and expensive medicines.

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Most notably, it allows testing new procedures and techniques without any level to harm the patient in VR healthcare hospital.

The surgery with VR is safe for both the surgeon and the patient.

2 – Pain Relieve with VR

It is a platform to relieve the pain. AppliedVR is a company known to support patients to relieve pain by acquiring and developing validated healing virtual reality content. It is easily accessible to everyone.

It is administered through the Samsung VR glasses. It acts as a virtual pastime for patients experiencing a scary or painful procedure.

They provide a variety of 20 immersive settings that patients can use to devote to different travel, guided relaxation, games, music, and nature.

The future of Virtual Reality in healthcare is much more advanced than this. Although, lot of VR medical procedures are waiting for hospitals.

3 – VirZOOM

One of the very fun Virtual Reality healthcare apps. It targets a problem that many people struggle with today is exercising to stay healthy. It’s a great VR impact on healthcare.

VirZOOM is a system specialized in virtual reality games, powered by a bicycle with an RV headset while playing.

The idea in VirZOOM is the way you pedal sets the speed of moving in the VR game. There are sensors to mirror the speed of the pedals with the movement speed in the RV game.

In addition to other action buttons, there’s a sensor to measure heart rate to track the progress of your health.

Currently, this platform is compatible with PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It is one of the great Virtual Reality healthcare solutions.  It is a redefined form of health through fitness in the most healthy and fun way.

4 – MindMotion

It takes advantage of the mirroring techniques in one of its RV products, called MindMotion, to help shocked patients recovering some disordered body functions.

It uses a library of several games where the patient has to make movements already thought for their treatment. This is mainly useful for patients with Parkinson’s, stroke and amputees victims.

It is also one of the great Virtual Reality innovations. It can cover a big part of the Virtual Reality healthcare market size.

These are just a few advantages that virtual reality offers to the healthcare industry. There are many more and some are yet to come.

VR as state-of-the-art technology will keep on to change the health ecosystem together with other industries.

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