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5G Self-driving Buses in China

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5G Self-driving Buses in China

5G buses

The 5G buses in China are going to be equipped with 5G internet. Some busses have been launched in Qingdao city near the shore in the east to surprise tourists and citizens.

The 5G buses in China have autopilot driving feature in addition to vehicle 5G internet, platform supervision, security control and standalone door systems, plus standalone parking.

Features in 5G buses

These 5G busses are equipped with radar, a high-quality camera, navigation and intelligent positioning and can travel quietly during the night, fog or rain.

The mobile networks have been linked with a number of well-known tourist places. The places are, for example, the city’s key beaches in addition to Zhongshan Park along its 12-kilometre route.

5G buses

Passengers Experience

Passengers can enjoy the 5G speed using 5G cell phones or connect to the 5G wi-fi via other phones. In accordance with bus operators, 5G internet service will be launched in buses along with China Mobile and Huawei.

People who participated in the bus tour experience said that there was hardly any charging time when watching high-definition videos on the bus.

A spokeswoman for the bus operators said the plan is to launch more bus routes equipped by 5G internet speed in the future. They will use the fast speed to upgrade their bus operations to ultimately offer stand-alone buses.

A specific area has been selected for this purpose with the 5G network for autopilot buses rooted in sections of various roads.

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