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If you still do not know the Brave Browser, do not worry. It is for the reason that compared to Google Chrome; this browser is still considered too small. However, that does not mean it is not growing. let’s have a look inside review of Brave vs Chrome.

Brave Browser
Brave Browser

On the contrary, today there are more than 4 million active users. We take into consideration that the Brave won popular from last year. After receiving a host of new features, this is a great achievement.

The browser is the headline for announcing the arrival of a feature that has been in testing for some time. The Brave Ads program rewards users who choose to consume advertising in the browser.
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In other words, the company that owns the browser will pay people for some ads while browsing the internet. As the subject caught my attention, I decided to test the service for a few days. And my first impressions are super positive.

Google Chrome vs. Brave Browser: Usability and Security

I have been using Chrome for a long time, so much that I was already used to it with Google’s browser. In five days using Brave, which is also based on Chromium, I had to open Chrome in just two circumstances because of specific settings from the site’s content editor. And that was enough to show the difference in loading speed between one browser and the other.

The Brave is known to be safe, fast and friendly. Much of this fame is thanks to the adblocking and tracking capabilities offered by default in the browser. Unlike Chrome, it’s not necessary to use extensions to do so.

Brave chrome

In addition, you can import your favorite folders, browsing history, and passwords from Chrome to Brave. It made it easy to sync devices. Even the colors of Google Chrome’s own search engine can be added as a standard of use.

Finally, the layout of the two platforms becomes so similar that if it were not for the name of the software appearing at the top of the screen, you would hardly even notice the difference between one and the other.

However, if visually everything is very similar, in relation to the browsing experience, things completely change the scenery.

The Brave Browser natively blocks ads and uses only the https protocol. Similarly, you can choose which data to delete at the end of a browsing session.

Furthermore, you can customize virtually any browsing experience, whether in the address bar, through shortcuts, or straight through the settings.

In five days, almost 9,000 ads were blocked

Of course, Chrome is also safe. Google constantly updates the browser to prevent malicious software from finding loopholes in the system to steal user data. However, being the most widely used browser among people, Google’s browser is also the most targeted by cybercriminals.

Regarding advertising blocking, Chrome has great extensions to it. In fact, compared to Brave, certainly the Google browser is best when it comes to extensions. This is because Brave developers also limit the use of this feature, in order to ensure that no malicious extension compromises user security.

Brave vs Chrome: Privacy

Regarding privacy on Brave, the standard ad blocker inhibits tracking users’ online activities. The anonymous window in Brave uses Tor to prevent any unsecured connection. Chrome is a great Google tool to make money on top of users’ online activities. It also contains a “Do Not Track” request for browsing traffic, it is an intrinsic feature of the service.

Google Chrome vs. Brave Browser: Speed

But the security and privacy features did not grab my attention as much as the page loading speed in Brave. But how can this browser be so much faster?

Both Brave and Chrome are developed on top of the Chromium system, as well as the new Microsoft Edge. The difference between these is that the lack of third party ads on Brave means we have less content to download before we access a web page. That’s simple!

Google Chrome vs Brave Browser

The Brave team compared the loading speeds of Brave with Chrome and Firefox. Here, we can see a good advantage of Brave under competitors. However, you should see this result with some caution, as much of this comes from ad blocking, so this may not always be replicated. Watch:

Google Chrome vs Brave Browser: Payment method

Another function that made me opt for Brave was the Basic Attention Token (BAT) crypto-wallet. Among other functions, BAT is a way to compensate people for the time spent on ads.

In addition, it encourages payment for content that is consumed on the internet, by sending contributions to the sites most used by users.

When functional, you start getting crypto-coins (BAT) to see advertising in the browser, not the sites themselves. In the end, you can choose to contribute to the publications or even extract the value of your portfolio.

Chrome, in addition to not offering this type of option, makes money over the analysis of online users’ activities. In fact, this would be the currency of exchange for the free use of service fees.

Google Chrome vs. Brave Browser: Is the exchange worth it?

So far, browser switching is paying off. Because of all that I describe, I’ll stay using Brave instead of Chrome on my computer and cell phone. The browser is secure; it guarantees my privacy, loads the pages much faster, helping me a lot at the moment.

As soon as the Brave Ads program is available to me, I’ll be able to see if this user remuneration storey is factual or more of a marketing bulwark.

Of course, there are other light options on the market; Opera is an example of this. However, the similarity and ease of data and device synchronization have greatly helped in the transition from Chrome to Brave.

If you want to download and test the Brave Browser, go to the official browser page to download.

Do you know the Brave Browser? Have you already tested or used it? What is your opinion about this browser that wants to change the way we use the internet?

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