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The Alice, an electric plane, capable to fly 650 miles with a single charge, has performed at the Paris Air show this past week.

The Alice is created by the Israeli Aviation Company. It is able to fly with a distance of 650 miles or 1046.07 kilometres with only a single charge. Its focus is regional aviation.

electric plane

The electric plane nicknamed Alice drew attention at one of the world’s premier aviation events, the Paris Airshow, this week. It stole the scene even from giants like Boeing and Airbus. It is the first commercial electric aeroplane.

During Paris air show performance, the electric plane reached a speed of approximately 445 km/hr or 240 knots. The idea is that it be used for regional routes, such as the city of São Paulo and the city of Campinas.

The aircraft has the capacity to carry nine people. According to the company, it can cause operating costs to be about 70% lower for airplanes.

Eviation Alice

The plane uses a propeller on its tail and two more on the tips of its wings. Each of them is charged by batteries. In addition, it can reach up to 10,000 feet in height.

Furthermore, it has already secured the first commercial customer, a big US regional airline, Cape Air. The airline has routes in 35 US cities and the Caribbean. The agreement was announced last Tuesday, June 18 2019.

Pioneer of electric planes:

First 8 horsepower electric motor was used along with batteries in the 1880s by French army officers. Later this ideology reused in the 1970s effectively by Robert Boucher who, with the collaboration of DARPA firstly used eclectic motors and made a pilotless aircraft.    

electric motor

Efficiency is the motto

According to the company’s owner, Eviation, Alice aircraft represents a radical change in rethinking costs. It provides a differentiated experience for the consumer and generates less environmental impact.

Omer Bar -Yohay, CEO of Eviation

“By operating at a considerably low cost that the areas usually have, Alice will re-define the way people travel regionally.

It will showcase a new era in which aviation is quieter, cleaner and more efficient,” said Omer Bar -Yohay, CEO of Eviation.

The company’s idea is to make the aircraft primarily used on high-traffic routes. They choose the routes between Paris and the city of Toulouse in southern France and between the American cities of San Jose and San Diego.

in addition to this, the company expects to start shipping business in 2022, as tests are expected to continue and certification is due next year.

Increasing concern

According to a study by consulting firm Roland Berger, the companies developing electric planes or aircraft has increased by about 50% in 2018 and stood at 170.

For this year, the expectation is even higher and the consultancy believes that the number of companies will be 190.

However, the research also points out that there are two major factors responsible for increasing these companies. The first is the increase in carbon dioxide emissions by the aviation industry.

It produces about 5% carbon dioxide emissions and this may increase in the coming years.

The other point is the high cost. According to the study, airlines can spend about $180 billion a year on fuel for aircraft. It can have a significant impact on their revenues.

hybrid aircraft

And it’s not just Eviation that is worrying about the issue. Airbus itself is hoping to test a hybrid aircraft model in 2022.

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