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The interactive touch screen board for the classroom, in the simplest sense of the word, is a computer touch screen in the form of a blackboard. With multifunctional features, interactive touch screens for schools can have access to media to even simulation of images in 2 and 3 D.

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How does interactive touch screen board work?

As your screen is touch-sensitive, it is possible to use it through your own stylus or even touch the screen. It is also possible to have installed programs that interact with the Smartboard to complement the lesson.

For example, an interactive digital board can present the human body in 3D, the functionalities of the organs from interactive activities.

The students can also enjoy teaching and learning games so that the students can interrelate with the proposed activities.

Interactive Touch Screen Board in Class

What interactive TV for education have features?

The features are the same as a computer but in a much better version. In addition to interacting with students and teachers, the resources it has available help a lot when explaining and performing exercises in the classroom.

For example, it is possible to access any site through the interactive display board. It can help during an activity that is going through an explanation and questioning of the students.

With this feature, it is possible to show in more detail about the operation of the learning object. It can be a video, a program, an application and even games.

Because interactive displays classroom is multifunctional through scaling up the digital classroom and interacts with it, the teacher can use games and activities. The students can also interact with the board.

Interactive Touch Screen Board for Class

How does interactive display help in teaching and learning?

Because it contains several technological resources. The teachers must be endowed with interactive display technology. It helps in the interaction of learning with the object of study.

It brings more information in real and real-time images and videos, for example when studying a map. Today, students only see in the classroom what is in the book. Sometimes, the image is old and wrong.

Have you ever imagined being able to access the real maps through Google Maps and satellites via the internet? How it can complement the students’ studies on that particular subject?

How to use Smart board in primary school?

Interact constructively with the students from the nursery; the children in the literacy phase can play with the letters. All act mutually in games and activities.

Have ever imagined about amazing interactive screens for classrooms with the size of the board to help in learning?

Most amazingly, have you ever stopped to think about how fantastic the students who are learning about the solar system being able to see it in real time. This data actually comes through the satellite images directly on the school’s blackboard!

Smartboard in Classroom
How Do Students Learn Quickly?

The children learn through curiosity and bring stimuli to help students in their process of building knowledge. Now the question is “will it blow on future education in schools?

Smartboard is an innovative resource for improving classrooms. It stimulates students’ curiosity and willingness to participate in classroom activities.

In addition, it systematizes their learning in practical activities and assisting the teacher in his didactic resources.

Can you use the interactive touch screen board with another program?

Yes. An example of this board is into a digital school management platform. In particular, the platform allows the sending of activities, videos and texts, exercises, simulation (among others).

The teacher can explain the activity to the students that they will do for the online school management platform. This is just an example, but as we said earlier there are several possibilities for the best interactive whiteboard for classroom use.

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