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5 New Century’s New Technology Changing Future

Future Technologies

5 New Century’s New Technology Changing Future

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If you were to do an exercise in futurology, could you point out the new technology for the future? Trends experts, researchers and scientists focused on this topic and came to some conclusions.

New technology 2019

The result was published by the World Economic Forum. It points to some new technology trends that promise to be disruptive over the next five years.

All new technologies 2019 are already at a relatively advanced development stage & their applications and possibilities are still open.

They are new technologies today in which large industries have invested heavily in getting improvements.

5 New Technologies in the World

1. Increased Reality

It is no secret to anyone that augmented reality is treated by many industries as the “ball of the time.” Manufacturers try to popularize these ideas.

They want to make augmented reality somewhat more accessible on smartphones. There are developers looking for apps that go well beyond simple entertainment, as we see in Pokémon Go games.

The expectation now is that through augmented reality it is possible to visualize the skin tissues, for example. These new future technologies in healthcare would give doctors greater precision in surgeries or even analysis procedures.

Another possibility is the use of new technologies gadgets for holographic guided tours in large museums.

2. Synthetic meat

What if it were possible to produce meat without the need to sacrifice animals? There are at least four startups attracting many research investments aimed at developing so-called “laboratory meat.” The tests, still run counter to the lack of flavour compared to the originals.

Synthetic meat, new technology

Beef, chicken and duck are part of the first experiments. Until now, it has been possible to obtain “meats” with the same nutritional elements, textures and similar aspects.

When it comes to savouring the food, our taste buds still feel the differences.

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3. Production of implantable drugs

Imagine the possibility of having a drug dispensing centre implanted in your body.

This is one of the new technologies in the world that is being debated by the pharmaceutical industry. It can change the way patients are treated who need continuous-use medicines.

Production of implantable drugs

The idea of new technologies medicine is this: there is no need to remember the time to take medicine. A kind of dispenser would be in charge of releasing it into the bloodstream at the right time.

It is necessary to have an implant of this dispenser in the body. Today there is a new technology for it to function. The immune system does not reject it. Diabetes, cancer and tuberculosis are some of the diseases that can be best tackled using these new technologies medicines.

4. Genetic modification

This is one of the topics that most generate debates among the specialists, due to the multiple ethical issues involved.

There is already the possibility of modifying genes, allowing the insertion of genetic material in specific chromosomes. The hope is that with this it is possible to fight diseases and eliminate pests.

This possibility is applied to both the humans and the insects. Most countries prohibit such research, but more permissive laws can open dangerous precedents.

When DNA is treated as a kind of software, then new technologies of computer opens up the possibility to reprogram the DNA.

5. Treatment of diseases from electrical impulses

What if new technology in medicines were not necessary for the treatment of diseases? There are researchers who argue that it is possible to achieve good results by means of a pulse-based treatment.

Treatment of diseases from electrical impulses

The intervention on the vagus nerve is the system that sends signals from the brain to most organs. It has the potential to regulate the immune system.

Diseases such as epilepsy, depression, migraine, obesity and rheumatoid arthritis are among those that can combat.

The first tests, especially with the first two diseases, have proved very promising. Now, the expectation is to expand the new possibilities and solidify the information. So, it is possible to offer this type of treatment in the medium term.


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