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8 Technology Forecasts for the Future

Future Technologies

8 Technology Forecasts for the Future

future technology

With the exponential advance of technology in the meantime, the next decades will bring several technological advances. Thus, it will change the fabric of society and humanity.

Future technologies

Here, we are going to present some technology forecasts for the future and their advantages and disadvantages.

Technology Predictions for the Future

Autonomous cars

Autonomous cars, Luxury cars

Kit, come and get me. It will be a reality in our cities in a few years.


  • Less traffic and accidents;
  • Never have to look for a place to park;
  • Drink as heroes that the car will take us home.
  • Not have to go to Facebook groups to see where there are STOP operations
super cars


  • Taxi drivers will manifest and split the cars they drive alone;
  • Insurers, batsmen, traffic police and other professions ceased to exist;
  • The cars will gain intelligence similar to that of humans. Therefore, they will call names to each other and march forward to discuss who had priority.


Experts say that by 2030 we will become virtually immortal. Every year, we can add a year of average life expectancy and thus, to keep always ahead in this race in counter which is life.

immorality, spiritual power

Then, people will become able to copy our consciousness to a computer and live on the cloud forever.


  • No need to afraid of our death and loved ones;
  • More space in the cities with the cemeteries to become obsolete;
  • Without the need to believe in after death, therefore, religion will disappear in a few decades.


  • The priest will stop asking “Until death do you part”
  • Marriages will decline because “forever” begins to be a long time;
  • We will not do anything, because, when we have all the time in the world we are excellent at procrastinating.

Virtual Reality Indistinguishable

If people already live face-to-face today, then, in the 2030s, they will live inside the screen.

By this time, virtual reality becomes indistinguishable from reality with the aid of nano-robots.  Next, they will connect our brain directly to the cloud.

virtual reality
virtual reality in army


  • Realistic experiences in getting off the couch;
  • Travel and know the world.


  • We will stop living in real life. Therefore, we will destroy even more the planet, because, it is enough to put the chip that is all clean and without global warming;
  • HIV will no longer become a problem.

Artificial intelligence

Also, in the 2030s, we will begin to emerge the first systems capable of passing the test of Turing and of convincing the humans who are conscious.

artificial intelligence


  • They will work for us and take care of us.


  • They will start processing humans from harassment;
  • Will begin to process humans for slavery;
  • Humans will develop deep relationships with artificial intelligence. Except, when they leave the new model in which they send the old trash there without any problem.

3D printing

By the mid of 2020, 3D printing will become ubiquitous. We’ll all take advantage of it whether it’s printing clothes, a new heart, a house or even an exact replica of our favorite actress.

3D Printers
3D printing machine


We never have to go to the balances with our girlfriends; since she will print the clothes at home:


  • Let’s print guns and it’ll be a dangerous;
  • If 3D printers are just like normal, they will only work when you feel like it and a guy will never know why.

Human robots

Allied to artificial intelligence, robots with human appearance will appear that will be indistinguishable from us.

human Rebot


  • Dating robots that can be turned off when they talk too much.


  • You’re at the disco. A girl starts to make up for you. The weather warms up, go home, kisses and claps, she takes off her clothes and finally, she has a metal pile.

Interplanetary species

Soon, we will colonize other planets, first in our solar system (Mars) then, move on to other systems.

Interplanetary species


  • Several people will travel to Mars and thus, improving a little life on Earth.


If we come to a planet with intelligent life, then people will start violations in the old fashioned way.


The time when machines will go beyond humans in keeping intelligence estimates point to 2045 and what happens next is not predictable.

With the ability to improve and learn at a speed incomprehensible to humans, the gap will become too much large that we will be irrelevant.

Singularity, time travel


  • They can solve all the problems of humanity in just a few hours and make the world as perfect as possible for everyone.


  • You may think that “this is cool, but what’s here is upsetting humans”. Therefore, it will annihilate us in seconds.

Are you enthusiastic about the technology predictions for the future? I’m. Please comment on your views here about above technology forecasts for the future.

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